Civil Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

Civil Law

Civil Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

If you don't want Criminal law or Family Law.

Then everything else is under Civil Law.

Be sure to teview all the Civil Law topics because many are inter-related.

Just look at the list of topics!

Debt collecting do it yourself.

Consumer law.

Disputes Tribunal

Intellectual property.

Will preparation

Challenging Wills


Family Trusts - Advice and Documents.

Powers of Attorney documents.

Neighbour problems.

Fencing and trees - do it yourself.


Landlord and tenant law

Commercial leases


Contract law

Suing people

Court procedure

Dying without a will

. . . . . . . . and hundreds more.

We provide practical tips and advice and important documentation on Civil Law which you can alter and modify to fit your own circumstances and then print off !

When we were preparing this website legal service we gave a great deal of thought as to how we were going to be able to cover the hundreds of Civil Law cases which involve suing people or being sued.

We first thought of having two simple headings entitled "Suing Bastards" or "Bastards Suing You".

If we had used those terms then everyone would know exactly where they stood and you would click on to one or the other in order to search for topics which clearly cover the legal problem on which you require assistance.

Basically, we have arrived at virtually the same mechanism for providing you with the help you need.

We have come up with a very full list of the kinds of cases which we think cover probably all of the Civil Law disputes which commonly come before the Courts.

Someone is suing. Some is defending.

In the appropriate cases we provide a full set of documentation which should enable you to make your own decisions about whether you can successfully sue or whether you can successfully defend being sued.

As you discover the principles and procedures of Civil Law you will placed in the best position to help yourself and achieve the best result.

Carefully and cost effectively.

Take charge of your own legal affairs - and save yourself money.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We are so certain that you will find our comprehensive site extremely useful and informative that if you are dissatisfied after a full 30 days of use, just contact us and we will refund you in full. We cannot be fairer than that.

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