Criminal Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

Criminal Law

Criminal Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

We provide you with a truckload of topics on Criminal Law and procedure.

View our Criminal Law topics, hit the down arrow of the selection box above and choose a topic. Just look at the list of topics!

Drink driving advice

What to do if arrested

Limited licence kits (save $1000 bucks !!)

Demerit points


Criminal legal aid

Bail how to get it

Police Interviews


Discharge without conviction

Suppression of name


Speeding and careless driving

Drug offences


Self Defence

Home Detention

. . . . . and hundreds more topics

. . . . . and all with practical tips of how to minimise or eliminate legal costs !

Many Criminal Law topics are related so it will be a matter of looking for the first topic and then viewing others that may be related.

For example, arrest for an offence may affect your rights to Bail.

Legal Aid may be available.

You may wish to plead to a Criminal Law charge but not know the next step through to Status Hearing or Defended Hearing.

We tell you about how to handle yourself at a Police interview.

We provide you with well over 100 Criminal Law topics including one entitled " Defending a Charge Yourself".

Take each step one by one and learn about how best you can protect your own interests.

As you discover the principles and procedures of Criminal Law you will placed in the best position to help yourself and achieve the best result.

Carefully and cost effectively.

Take charge of your own legal affairs - and save yourself money.

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Criminal Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource
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