Family Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

Family Law

Family Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource

Your partner has left you?

You want to leave your partner?

You are being had on for unfair maintenance, AND property?

No access? . . . . or you don't want " that bastard " to have any?

You need a Protection Order against him?

Has "the woman" got a Protection Order against you?

What for ? Was it fair ?


We provide you with well over 150 topics, dealing with Family Law in New Zealand.

Just look at the list of topics!

Dissolution kits

Separation Agreements

Property advice and written agreements.

Custody and access practical advice.

Child Support

Family Court procedure.


Domestic violence.

Leaving the Country with a child

Maintenance of a partner.

Care and Protection

Benefit fraud


Joint Family Homes


. . . . . . and many, many more topics

Hundreds of Family Law topics with practical easy advice and court documents to alter and modify to fill in your own circumstances.

Net Law is designed to give you all the information, so you can either do all the legal work yourself and save thousands of dollars, or carry out all of the basic preparation that a lawyer would charge you for doing.

Even if you do the basic preparation yourself, we think that you can also save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

$200 per hour, plus GST, that's what you will pay a lawyer.

Join up for a full and unlimited right to the entire site for 30 days with two rights to re-visit at any time in the future. Download. Copy. Print. As you wish.

Take charge of your own Family Law legal affairs - and save yourself money.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We are so certain that you will find our comprehensive site extremely useful and informative that if you are dissatisfied after a full 30 days of use, just contact us and we will refund you in full. We cannot be fairer than that.

Family Law New Zealand Legal Information Online Resource
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