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Skateboards, Scooters, In-line Skates etc and the Law

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Skateboards,  Scooters, and In-line Skates 

Scooters, skateboards and in-line skates are becoming increasingly popular.

But you must realise that they are now classified as vehicles and subject to the same laws.

Despite the convenience of these types of transport, there are risks involved if they are not used carefully. Some Local Authorities have introduced by-laws to ban the use of scooters and skateboards from areas of high pedestrian use.

If you are unsure about the local by-laws, you should check with your local Council to find out where you can safely use them.


The Land Transport  Act  1998 defines a vehicle as a "contrivance" equipped with wheels, tracks or revolving runners on which it moves or is moved and includes a hovercraft, a skateboard, in-line skates and roller skates. So, the definition includes :

  • A hovercraft
  • A skateboard
  • In-line skates
  • Roller skates

Read the definition contained in the Act below :

           (a) Means a contrivance equipped with wheels, tracks, or
         revolving runners on which it moves or is moved; and
           (b) Includes a hovercraft, a skateboard, in-line skates, and
         roller skates; but
           (c) Does not include---
                (i) A perambulator or pushchair:
                (ii) A shopping or sporting trundler not propelled by
                  mechanical power:
                (iii) A wheelbarrow or hand-trolley:
                (iv) A child's toy, including a tricycle and a bicycle,
                  provided, in either case, no road wheel (including a
                  tyre) has a diameter exceeding 355 mm:

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