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Protect your rights in property.

This topic will give you all the basic law and procedures in relation to caveats.

You need to know  .  .  .

Your rights about lodging a caveat,

How you go about it - including a full set of documents

What protections you obtain from a caveat.

You need to know the details of how to register documents electronically and we will give you direct access to the relevant Acts and sections including the Land Transfer Act.

We now provide you with a direct link to the Government legislation site where you can look up ALL Acts of Parliament and Regulations and Rules. An Act is also known as a Statute. A Regulation is also sometimes known as a Rule. This Government legislation site is still going through some teething problems. But you will be able to access all legislation and find specific Acts and Rules and individual sections.

Statutory Regulations
Local & Private Acts

What is a caveat?

A caveat is a "stop" or  "hold"  which you can register against the title of a property in order to stop the owner of the property from doing anything with it.

The literal translation of the Latin word  ‘caveat’  is  "let him beware".  A caveat is therefore a mechanism by which clear notice can be given of a claim by a person to an interest in land and that notice ensures that other parties dealing with that land must be "beware" of that claim.

A caveat does not create new rights.   It simply gives the opportunity of protecting are perceived existing right or creating a  "hold"  on the property on a temporary basis.

If you put a caveat on someone’s property because you think you have a claim to that property or a right in that property then you must then take steps to establish that claim in the Court.

You can’t just go to sleep and think that your caveat has protect

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