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Insider Trading

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Insider trading occurs where a person has  "inside information"  about an issuer of public shares or other securities,  and acts on that information to his advantage.

We will provide you with all the law you need to know including direct links to the Acts relevant to this topic as well as direct links to related sites.

Securities Markets Amendment Act 2006

We also provide you with a direct link to the Government legislation site where you can look up ALL Acts of Parliament and Regulations and Rules. An Act is also known as a Statute. A Regulation is also sometimes known as a Rule. This Government legislation site is still going through some teething problems. But you will be able to access all legislation and find specific Acts and Rules and individual sections.

Statutory Regulations
Local & Private Acts

A number of important changes are about to be made to New Zealand securities law. The Securities Markets Amendment Act 2006 (Amendment Act), which is to come into force on 29 February 2008, will amend the Securities Markets Act 1988 (Act) and includes far reaching changes to insider trading laws, changes to the disclosure by substantial security holders, new market manipulation provisions and a general dealing

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I have been unable to acquire any case law in regards to bankruptcy. I am thge alleged defendant in the matter and have opposed the application for bankruptcy as I am not the defendant. The case is now at the stage of the high court requiring a synopsis under 251a, I wish to make submissions in not being notified of the hearing at the district court after the notice of proceeding was served. The matter then got judgement without my knowledge and is now before the high court for bankruptcy. Please advise the procedure to locate any supportive case law that may assist with my application to set aside the bankrupcy claim.

Kindest Regards
I "

"You will certainly get a rehearing if you were not notified but, if you simply misread the documents you were originally served with then you could be in trouble. You must actively follow up on your obligation to file and serve a defence and not just wait for the Court to come to you. Good luck . . . Netlaw "
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"Received notice from a creditors lawyer that they wish to put in companiy into liquidation and I have up to today upon receiving their letter. A Statory Demand was intially sent on 7 Aril 2008, which I reponded with a reply explaining that an arrangement (verbal) had been entered in by both parties which was to continue supply, once company got post dated cheques, company stopped surpply and but still continued to present cheques which was not the agreement which was entred into.
What position does that leave me if I want to legal challenge this. Without causing me excessive expresses.


Netlaw responds: If you say that they cannot properly sue because there was a new agreement for time payment, then you can apply for an injunction saying that the Statutory Demand Notice is wrong. But it will cost you. An injunction should not be done without legal advice. Type up a Statement setting out precisiely all the facts as you know them and see a lawyer as soon as possible. A letter shouid be sent to the other side saying how inappropriate the Demand procedure is when the subsequent agreement between the parties was made and kept by you. But you must get your facts right!"

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"it is utterly unfair that a debtor can get away with not paying, and often does simply because the creditor doesn't have the money (because the debtor didn't pay!) to go through all of this process. I'm sickened by the proceess which has seen me now not only being ripped off by this debtor, but then(and still) by the debt collector I folishly decided to use because I couldn't afford the intial legal fees (due to not being paid by the debtor!). Court has finally decided in our favor, but debtor still hasn't paid and I have to find more yet money to apply to have him liquidated, without any promise of getting anything back."
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Advertising - False and Misleading
"I found all these contract topics interesting and helpful. JD. Napier December 2006"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Advertising - False and Misleading
"Coverage is very good. I would appreciate a bit more detail on expiry dates for Copyright. Genna T.

Netlaw replies - Will do."

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Advertising - False and Misleading
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