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Sterilisation (Abortion and Contraception)

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THIS TOPIC IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED.  This will be completed by Friday 28 July.

A delicate topic .  .  . you need to know the law

The law governing reproductive rights and abortion is contained in the CONTRACEPTION, STERILISATION AND ABORTION ACT 1977.

Just click on to that Act by the direct link below :



An Act is also known as a Statute.  A Regulation is also sometimes known as a Rule. We give three options as follows:

Statutory Regulations
Local & Private Acts

Decide first whether you are looking for an Act or a Regulation.

For example, if you are looking for the CONTRACEPTION, STERILISATION AND ABORTION ACT 1977, then push the plus ( + ) sign beside the letter C and then scroll down to that Act and bingo,  there it is.  It's easy.

The same process is used if you are looking for a Regulation, although you obviously push the 'Regulations' button first.


Unless one of the other specified grounds apply  (see below),  a woman or girl is not entitled to an abortion unless two consultants certify that the pregnancy poses a serious danger to the woman or girl’s physical or mental health.   In practice,  this has proved to be NOT too difficult.

In assessing whether this serious danger exists,  the consultants can take into account :

  • whether the woman or girl is near the beginning or the end of the usual child-bearing years
  • whether there are reasonable grounds for believing that the pregnancy is the result of sexual violation

An abortion can also be authorised if two consultants certify :

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