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Treason (and a spot of hanging)

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What is the law about treason in New Zealand?

We will tell you.

Treason is quite serious stuff.   It has special definitions.

Until relatively recently you could get hanged if you were found guilty of treason.  The death penalty for treason was stopped with the Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 1989.

Let's look at the law.  It is set out in the Crimes Act 1961.  We give you the sections below but we also provide you with a direct link to all the Acts and Regulations of New Zealand.

We provide you with a direct link to the Crimes Act 1961 . . . .


Treason and Other Crimes Against the Queen and the State

 73. Treason  ---  Every one owing allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New
Zealand,  ---

·        Kills or wounds or does grievous bodily harm to her Majesty the Queen, or imprisons or restrains her.

·        Levies war against New Zealand.The first part of this topic has been displayed free of charge. Join up for $45 to have access to this and all other topics!

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