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Suicide - A Crime? Or Mercy Killing?

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This site will give you all the current law as well as details on the proposals for change which will now be unlikely to go ahead.

The Death With Dignity Bill before Parliament during 2003 was rejected at its first reading at the end of July.   It was a very narrow vote but it is unlikely to come back before Parliament for at least five years or longer.

There is a Euthanasia Society in New Zealand based in Auckland.  We give you direct access to the useful Website for the Society.


.  .  .  Euthanasia Society in New Zealand


You can also type in  'euthanasia in new zealand'  to your search engine and you will get hundreds of sites,  biased and unbiased,  on this topic.  We just intend to tell you the relevant law. 


"Mercy killing" .  .  .  .     "euthanasia"  .  .  .  .  .   call it what you like.   It is still Murder in the current state of the law in New Zealand.

We have a specialist site entitled   -   Murder 

Now that Parliament has rejected to Death with Dignity Bill we return to the existing sections of the Crimes Act 1961.  We set them out at the bottom of this page but we also provide you with any easy way also to access the entire up to date Crimes Act 1961.

You can search for Acts and Regulations using the blue links below.     

This site will allow you instant access to all updated  Acts of Parliament as well as all Regulations and Rules made pursuant to those Acts.

A clear alphabetical list is provided.

In all of our specialised topic sites,  where an Act or a Regulation is referred to,  we provide a direct link within that site for your convenience.

We provide you with a direct link to the Crimes Act 1961 . . . .

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Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"Great to find all this information at my fingertips.
I think that Home Detention is a bit of a sop. Either you go to prison or you do not! I think it is almost like getting off! Mike H - Wellington"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
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Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"I was roughly treated at a Police interview. One cop did hit me. It was not that hard but he banged me on the top of the head and yelled that he wanted the truth. It does happen . . not as bad as you see on TV but it does happen. Kevin - North Shore"
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