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NETLAW is the best legal help / advice website in New Zealand. We provide over 550 topics for your assistance. Documents, tips and good advice. A vast general knowledge of practical law.

• A full overview of over 550 + topics
• Documentation you can fill in and print off
• Direct links to relevant Acts of Parliament. No hassle
• Full tips and advice on each topic

ALL 550 + plus topics can be at your finger tips for 90 days as many times as you want. Not just one out of 550 + but all of them!

NETLAW is wholly New Zealand owned and operated and we have a direct way to contact us through the "Contact Us" button at the top right of this page if you have any operational questions. We will reply immediately. The site is 100% safe and reliable. We will also give you a physical mailing address.

NETLAW Examples:

Weekend Arrest?

Weekend Separation? Bust-up?

If you have not already looked through the Master Index then just look at a fraction of the topics we can provide you.

• Dissolution of marriage kits, (with documents)
• Child custody advice, (with documents)
• Will preparation kits, (with documents)
• How to do your own limited licence application, (with documents)
• What to do if you are to appear in Court,
• About demerit points, speeding.
• Leaky homes - your rights
• About legal aid,
• Separation agreements, (with documents)
• Matrimonial property agreements, (with documents)
• How to sue people,
• Defamation, (with documents)
• The Disputes Tribunal ( with draft applications)
• Employment Contracts (with documents)
• Trust documentation (with documents)
• Drink driving advice
• Child Support Advice
• Adoption advice and documents (with documents)
• Challenging Wills (with documents)
• Neighbour problems
• Police interviews

. . . and a whole host - over 550 - of other legal problems to solve with answers, solutions and documents.

Browse Free First.

To get straight into it free of charge either push the Master Index button above or pick one of the specialist buttons at the top. It costs you nothing to browse and get a full feeling of this Website and what it can provide you. And you are provided with DIRECT access to all the relevant Statutes and Regulations on each topic! Getting rid of that hassle is worth the trip alone.

What customers are saying about NETLAW

Thank you so much I am so grateful you and Netlaw are the best. Thank you again . . . - 20 August 2008

Hi Netlaw, Thanks for your great site. It certainly gives a good overview of the many areas of law one could encounter. I have not found another like it and it is also relevant for NZ. How long have you been on the Net? . . . - 19 September 2007

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When you go to their Home Page, push the green band saying "Consumer Information" and then on the displayed page push the blue link saying "Shopping at Home". You will be provided with any information you require.

Our Website is reputable and 100% secure. We don't have your address or your credit card numbers. We can't contact you in any way at all. But you can contact us. Or you may send your payment to . . .

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We are so certain that you will find our comprehensive site extremely useful and informative that if you are dissatisfied after a full 90 days of use, just contact us and we will refund you in full. We cannot be fairer than that.