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Building Disputes Tribunal

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There is now a specialist Tribunal to deal with disputes relting to building issues.  There is still a Leaky Homes Resolution Service and you can still elect to sue in a Court.  But this new Tribunal does provide an easier, faster and cheaper method to resolve most disputes.

The Building Disputes Tribunal provides a comprehensive adjudication service under the Construction Contracts Act 2002 to resolve building and construction disputes.  It can assist parties with the appointment of an adjudicator as an authorised nominating body, help with the adjudication process itself and  help with the enforcement of the determination of the adjudicator.

For disputes of less than $40,000 it is the only body to provide a fixed fee service which gives the parties certainty as to the cost to them of commencing an adjudication.

It also provides arbitration and mediation services to parties with building and construction disputes.

We immediately recommend the following Tribunal website.  Just click on . . . .

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Maurice - Wanaka Sept. 2009"

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My brother is looking for the best possible family court/criminal lawyer/solicitor that legal aid can buy. He’s looking for a lawyer who will go ‘all out’ for him, advocate strongly on his (and his children’s)behalf and provide desperately needed advice/counsel. This lawyer must also be willing, eager and able to take up a challenge and defend my brother against a breach of a protection order.

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We are is running out of time, hence this urgent plea to you all. We would be truly grateful if you can find the time to reply or point us in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance

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