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Drunk Driving

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                             Caught Drunk driving?    Bummer!

We want to give you the most basic and simple information we can on this topic so you know exactly what to do if apprehended and what defences might be available to you.

We are not going to give you a full textbook of all the reported Court cases and all of the law,  but we will give you a whole lot of helpful tips and full access to the relevant legislation. 

If you need a  Limited Licence  you can cross to that site.

If you wish to see the precise wording of the law then you can access the Land Transport Act 1998 through the direct link below. 

You need to look at Part 6 of the Act which includes Sections 56 - 79.  Just click on :

We provide you with a direct link . . . .

We also provide you with a direct link to the Government legislation site where you can look up ALL Acts of Parliament and Regulations and Rules. An Act is also known as a Statute. A Regulation is also sometimes known as a Rule. This Government legislation site is still going through some teething problems. But you will be able to access all legislation and find specific Acts and Rules and individual sections.

Statutory Regulations
Local & Private Acts


New transport laws passed

Laws designed to make the transport system safer have been

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Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"Easy to follow. I suggest to other cliemts of Netlaw that they read your topics SPEEDING as well as DEFENDING YOURSELF IN COURT. Nic - Auckland"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"Has the law now changed? You used to be able to apply for a disqualification removal after 6 months of any disqualification. Dave H. - Albany

NETLAW replies: Yes. That ability has now gone. You need to read this topic carefully and note that there has been a law change,"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"I found all your criminal law topics fascinating. I may become a criminal myself just to use your site. Nah, only joking but I liked Self Defence, Citizens Arrest and Drink Driving and Demerit Points.

Henk - Waikato"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"WOW . . . a great site. This topic alone is worth the entry fee. I also did my own will and had it checked by a lawyer neighbour and he said it was perfectly OK. Matt G."
"I agree heaps. I actually followed this topic to the letter and got my limited licencemyself. It took a couple of weeks but reckon it could be done in a week. Everything you said happened. The cops were good and the judge was very nice. I only had to mumble "thank you". Noel G.

"Received phone call from the police today, they have told me they will NOT oppose anything set out in my limited licence application. They were very impressed that I had done all the work myself. Thanks NETLaw - Jake, Christchurch.

Netlaw replies: Thank you for teling us. We have had a similar letter from Auckland Central."

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"I was looking round Google to find something about representing myself and I found this and a number of your topics SPOT ON. Thanks. This one was great! Jon F. Auckland - May 2007"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Careless Driving
"Great stuff. Helped me understand the police powers. Also good stuff on other criminal law topics. Manu - Papatoetoe"
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