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Do you want a Copy of your Criminal Record?

We will show you precisely how to go about it.

This site will give you everything you need to know about accessing your own criminal records. 

We will show you have to do this.

However, before we start we should point out that you are  able to access only your criminal record and you are NOT entitled to have access to a whole lot of intelligence information that the Police may or may not have gathered together about you. 

The Police operate Criminal Intelligence Units around the country in order to put together and collect general information about criminals and criminal activity so that they can build up an intelligence network of information which can be used for preventing and fighting crime. 

There is nothing wrong with this provided the information is kept secure within the Police force.  In any civilised society it is essential for a Police force to be able to collect and collect data and information in relation to criminal activity for investigation purposes. 

This is not the stuff of secret police.  It is essential for the police to be able to act effectively. 

You are not entitled to access this information.

However, you are entitled to have access to your own criminal records so that you can check that they are correct and change the and if they are incorrect.

You can obtain the information about yourself by applying to the Privacy Assistant of the Department for Courts. The application is made on a special form which is designed to ensure that the information you are requesting actually applies to you and not to another person.

You can access the actual form through the direct link in blue below.

You can also obtain the form from your local District Court. If you cannot travel to a District Court you may ask for the form to be sent to you by writing to:

The Privacy Assistant
Department for Courts
National Office
PO Box 2750

Or alternatively, contacting the Privacy Assistant on by phone  (04) 918 8800, or fax  (04) 918 8974

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Netlaw replies: Yes, it is possible, but very difficult. There would have to be very special reasons like driving in an emergency situation."

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