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Protecting the Assets - Restraining Orders - Relationship Property

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Protecting Relationship Property - Restraining Orders


This topic covers those cases where, in a relationship property dispute, one partner wants to prevent the other partner from disposing of relationship property or where property has already been disposed of by the other partner.


We set out all the law for you.


We also give you a set of four documents which you could use to obtain a Court order to restrain the other partner disposing of property, or setting aside any disposition if that has already occurred.


If you wish to place a caveat on the title of relationship property (land) then you should visit our topic on caveats through the blue link below and that topic will give you the procedure and the document for carrying out that task.




The statutory law for Restraining Orders and Setting Aside Orders is set out in sections 43 and 44 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.   We set out the sections below in summarised form.


Section 43  -The first part of this topic has been displayed free of charge. Join up for $45 to have access to this and all other topics!

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"Good advice but I enjoyed reading all the Family Law Index topics from start to fimsih. I now feel a bit like a lawyer - Gayle H - North Shore - March 2007"
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