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Resource Management Act 1991

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We cannot hope to cover everything in this very wide and specialised topic of Resource Management, but let's save you some dollars. 

NOTE - The press statement February 4 2009 is included below.  It heralds major procedural changes to the Act 

We will cover basic principles and provide you with a full overview of the law and also give you some very useful direct links to related sites including direct access to the Act and the main sections.

We want to help you save dollars by giving you the knowledge and the relevant links and tips to do most, if not all, of the work yourself.

And we will give you direct access to the relevant Acts and Regulations as well as practical tips.

Assistance with Legal Fees

You may be eligible for a legal aid type of assistance.  The Government has a special scheme for such assistance.  Ask your local authority.

Every application for a Resource Consent is different and involves different District Schemes around the country and requires detailed advice on so many aspects that we advise that you require specialist advice.

But we will give you direct access to the very full Act and will will discuss with you the principles and procedures in applying for Resource Consent.

We will also give you direct access to Websites which will be of direct relevance.

However, if you wish to enter our entire Master Index for other topics then we remind you that the modest entry free to all of those topics include access to our Index Site entitled Acts of Parliament and that will give you full access to the entire Resource Management Act and all the amendments. 

Before we start  .  .  . 

Press Statement 4 February 2009

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Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Acts Of Parliament
"I found all these contract topics interesting and helpful. JD. Napier December 2006"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Acts Of Parliament
"I am a retired Solicitor from Kent in England and the $45 I spent on your site was really helpful because I am intending settling in New Zealand and your "one stop shop" was a real boon to me. Thanks again. Arnold T. Devon, England"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Acts Of Parliament
"I used to hear all sorts of stories about how some officers lie in the course of their work and thought it was probably rubbish. In most cases, officers work with integrity under difficult circumstances. However, I've just had first hand experience of an officer's lack of honesty in relation to a traffic offence. A kindergarten released private information about ourselves and our child to a policeman investigating an incident. They may have done so lawfully, thats a matter for someone else to decide. But then that policeman, on his official jobsheet, outrightly lied and said the information had come from another party (we have proved it did not).
The kindy refuses to tell us the basis on which they felt release of the info was warranted (i.e. the story the officer spun to them), or what information they gave to him. Since the jobsheet was falsified, we cant get it from there either, and we hardly trust Mr Plod to give us an accurate account now, can we?
Are they not obliged to tell to explain their handling of our private information, lawfully or otherwise?
Is there a provision or statute anywhere that allows officers to provide false statements on official documents to cover-up where they obtained information from?

Netlaw replies: We do know of a number of cases where police officers have lied and falsified evidence. We sincerely believe it is very rare in NZ. However, if you have clear evidence of this, not just a difference of opinion, then you must report it to the Police Complaints Authortity as well as the Commissioner of Police."

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