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Notice of Proceeding

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Whenever a civil proceeding is filed in either the High Court or the District Court, a formal Court document known as a Notice of Proceeding must be filed together with the Statement of Claim. 
It is a separate document.
You can visit our Index Site entitled Statement of Claim as well as other related Index Sites in NetLaw on civil matters : Statement of Claim
You may view a standard Notice of Proceeding through the following direct link :  Notice of Proceeding 
This Notice of Proceeding is the same in the High Court and in the District Court subject to the obvious changes which must be made in the document. 
The Notice of Proceeding on a Summary Judgment application is slightly different and can be accessed off our Summary Judgment topic. 
We provide you with a precedent for the District Court. 
A High Court Notice of Proceeding has in the top left hand corner .  .  .  .  .  . 
. . . . . and there are some other minor changes to be made in the body of the document, although very few. 
Keep in contact with the clerk of the either the District Court or the High Court in your city if you have any questions but the form we provide you is set out in accordance with the Rules of the two Courts.
We have amended the Notice of Proceeding in accordance with the amendments referred to below which came into force in April 2006.

"Dear Netlaw,

I am about to sue a Journalist and APN for "Defaming" my name, I have enough money to pay for a lawyer but I was quoted "$900" and hour by a Barrister, so I said this to myself "Why should I pull money out of my pocket to get Justice for myself against the big News Paper APN" and then I stumbled on to Netlaw. I have put together a solid case as a novice that could MATCH the QC. If you have an interest I hope you follow my case

I have 2 American lawyers on my Staff so it helps to! And they have found the NZ law on your site.

I will be filing b4 May 13 2008 to meet the Statutory 2 year limitation in a defamation suit.. I found that out here! at Netlaw... the proper paper work. etc etc.

here's the defamatory Article

here's the defamatory Article

Thank You

Kind Regards

Simon Romana

P.S I will be representing MYSELF

Netlaw responds: Thank you."

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"I found this interesting. I want to sue for punitive damages and I was interested to learn that our courts are pretty conservative. I think the Welfare have quite wrongly taken my kids and I have found out that the affidavit they gave to a Judge to get an order to uplift them was known to the Welfare to be incorrect. They told the Judge that I had drug convictions but when I found out 5 months ago that they thought that I proved then to them that this was untrue yet I have now found that they have still put this false evidence in an affidavit. But they have also told other people about my "drug convictions". You have to watch these people. (name witheld) - May 2007"
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I liked access to the case law and the real life submissions. Tim Shadbolt's case was a dag. How much did he get? Bud. Auckland

Thanks a lot . . . Max (Devonport)"

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