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This site, and one related site, will give you all you need to know about debt collecting and the Summary Judgment Procedure. 



But you should first know that as at 1 November 2009 the whole District Court procedure for making civil claims changed and Statements of Claim and Statements of Defence are not used.


Here is a very helpful link with forms to use.  We repeat it at the bottom of the page so we suggest you read our information first.





Here is a direct link to the new Rules.





We will provide you with a full set of draft documents for the High Court,  including the four

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Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"A helpful site. Explained well. Marty - Timaru - January 2007"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"Membership No 186685
I have been unable to acquire any case law in regards to bankruptcy. I am thge alleged defendant in the matter and have opposed the application for bankruptcy as I am not the defendant. The case is now at the stage of the high court requiring a synopsis under 251a, I wish to make submissions in not being notified of the hearing at the district court after the notice of proceeding was served. The matter then got judgement without my knowledge and is now before the high court for bankruptcy. Please advise the procedure to locate any supportive case law that may assist with my application to set aside the bankrupcy claim.

Kindest Regards
I "

"You will certainly get a rehearing if you were not notified but, if you simply misread the documents you were originally served with then you could be in trouble. You must actively follow up on your obligation to file and serve a defence and not just wait for the Court to come to you. Good luck . . . Netlaw "
"Likewise . . . very helpful. Thanks. Gerald - May 2007 - Tauranga"
"Received notice from a creditors lawyer that they wish to put in companiy into liquidation and I have up to today upon receiving their letter. A Statory Demand was intially sent on 7 Aril 2008, which I reponded with a reply explaining that an arrangement (verbal) had been entered in by both parties which was to continue supply, once company got post dated cheques, company stopped surpply and but still continued to present cheques which was not the agreement which was entred into.
What position does that leave me if I want to legal challenge this. Without causing me excessive expresses.


Netlaw responds: If you say that they cannot properly sue because there was a new agreement for time payment, then you can apply for an injunction saying that the Statutory Demand Notice is wrong. But it will cost you. An injunction should not be done without legal advice. Type up a Statement setting out precisiely all the facts as you know them and see a lawyer as soon as possible. A letter shouid be sent to the other side saying how inappropriate the Demand procedure is when the subsequent agreement between the parties was made and kept by you. But you must get your facts right!"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"I liked you Civil Index. Not much need for family or criminal but you civil index is very good to have at my fingertips. Thanks for providing this service T. (name withheld)"
"Great assistance. I agree with the above. Your civil topics are great. Better than we get at Polytech where I am studying Business Law. Terry -Dunedin - June 2007"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"I found all these contract topics interesting and helpful. JD. Napier December 2006"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"It's not fair that when you win a case you still have to beg a judge to award you costs and even then the award is always less than you have to pay your lawyer. This happened to me. My lawyer told me that there's always two sides to a story but the judge didn't recognise any validity in the other side's claim yet the nett result is that I recover only about 60% of my costs to my lawyer and the other 40% is about half of what I won in the case. That isn't justice. A real pissed off Kevin J. - Auckland - June 2007"
"NETLAW replies. Yes, we agree. What you need to do in these cases is make an Application for "Full and Reasonable Costs" and argue that the Court should (it can) make a full award. You need to convince a Judge that the other side never really has a chance of winning and that it is unfair that you should have to pay any costs. That is the way it is in the UK and Australia. But in New Zealand, it is usually only a percentage of the costs that you get back. That is unfair in many many cases. NETLAW - June 2007"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"I am a retired Solicitor from Kent in England and the $45 I spent on your site was really helpful because I am intending settling in New Zealand and your "one stop shop" was a real boon to me. Thanks again. Arnold T. Devon, England"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"I found this interesting. I want to sue for punitive damages and I was interested to learn that our courts are pretty conservative. I think the Welfare have quite wrongly taken my kids and I have found out that the affidavit they gave to a Judge to get an order to uplift them was known to the Welfare to be incorrect. They told the Judge that I had drug convictions but when I found out 5 months ago that they thought that I proved then to them that this was untrue yet I have now found that they have still put this false evidence in an affidavit. But they have also told other people about my "drug convictions". You have to watch these people. (name witheld) - May 2007"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"Dear Netlaw,

I am about to sue a Journalist and APN for "Defaming" my name, I have enough money to pay for a lawyer but I was quoted "$900" and hour by a Barrister, so I said this to myself "Why should I pull money out of my pocket to get Justice for myself against the big News Paper APN" and then I stumbled on to Netlaw. I have put together a solid case as a novice that could MATCH the QC. If you have an interest I hope you follow my case

I have 2 American lawyers on my Staff so it helps to! And they have found the NZ law on your site.

I will be filing b4 May 13 2008 to meet the Statutory 2 year limitation in a defamation suit.. I found that out here! at Netlaw... the proper paper work. etc etc.

here's the defamatory Article

here's the defamatory Article

Thank You

Kind Regards

Simon Romana

P.S I will be representing MYSELF

Netlaw responds: Thank you."

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"Great. See the other topics on Statement of Claim -Some Examples - Graeme - Tauranga"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"A fun topic. I can remember when I was a lawyer's secretary. He had a wee figurine of a barrister on his desk with a sign on it saying "Sue The Bastards" but, then, he should know because he was a bastard too, but a very good lawyer. (name withheld)"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Affidavits
"Can the Family Protection Act help 2 kids 11 and 13 to some provision from their fathers estate when there is no will. They live with their mother (divorced from late father) and now his defacto (no children involved) is claiming everything and not willing to make any provision for these children. House and furniture gone to her as purchsed jointly but there is still balance of insurance, super ann. ute, boat and personal effects that could be dispersed to them. At present all they have is hte ACC weekly payment that replaces the child support thir father paid.
Is there anything fathers family can do to get something for his boys? Any thoughts or othe similar experiences??

Netlaw replies: YES. A claim can be made if there is no will. It sounds as if they have a very dtrong case. See a lawyer immediately.


"Dear Netlaw,
Our father had a will which was invalidated by a 3-day form of marriage. The woman in question got divorced 1-month before and married our father when he was in a semi-coma and he died 3-days later. The supposed spouse is now applying to be Administrator under the Administration Act and after $121,000 + 1/3 share of remaining property. Could you please advise, do the children (there are 4 of us) have any remedies? Your expertise will be gratefully received and is very much appreciated, thank you.

Netlaw replies: Yes. Children can file a claim under the Family Protection Act 1955 asking the Family Court to provide "further provision" from the will. Our special topic "Family Protection Act 1955" covers the principles.

But in this case, you might also be able to challenge the validity of the new will on the basis of your father's medical condition and possibly on the basis that he signed under pressure."

I have a mother who is 80 years old with dementia. We (6 children) don't think she has a will and no EPOA. She has no real assets except $8000 in the bank which is intended for her funeral. Are we likely to run into any problems or major costs if no will exists at her death. Is there anything we could do now to make life easier in the event of her death. I'm guessing if she doesn't have a will now, its probably too late.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Netlaw replies - It is too late unfortunately. See a lawyer."

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