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Broadcasting Complaints

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Are our standards in broadcasting slipping?  Or barely existent?

This site will give you all the law,  procedures and tips to make a complaint about any public broadcast,  not including advertising.  Advertising comes under a different category.

For complaints in respect of advertising you should visit out specialist topic through the direct link below.  Just click on : 

Advertising - False and Misleading

The Broadcasting Standards Authority is the body which deals with complaints about broadcasting.  We provide you with a direct link to their site elow.  


.  .  .  Broadcasting Standards Authority


If you have found a television or radio programme (not an advertisement) to be objectionable or offensive in some way, you may make a formal complaint under the Broadcasting Act 1989

You first complain to the particular TV or radio broadcaster, and if you are not satisfied with its response you can then complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

A formal complaint is different from an informal complaint, which is simply a letter to a broadcaster discussing your programming preferences. 

We provide you with a direct link . . . .

We also provide you with a direct link to the Government legislation site where you can look up Acts of Parliament and Regulations and Rules. An Act is also known as a Statute. A Regulation is also sometimes known as a Rule. This Government legislation site is still going through some teething problems. But you will be able to access all legislation and find specific Acts and Rules and individual sections.


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