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Weekend Arrest?

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                        WEEKEND ARREST?

  • Busted at the weekend? 
  • In the cells? 
  • Want bail?
  • Want name suppression?
  • Don't know what to do?
  • What do I say to the cops?

This topic is designed to give you instant access to information you may require during the urgency of preparations for your next Court appearance.

You may be reading this yourself if you have been bailed by the Police or, if you are still in custody,  then a friend or family member may be reading it on your behalf.

We repeat,  we have designed this page to give you instant access to legal information you need to make good decisions.   Just see our selected topics in blue below.

You can access all our topics by reading through the Master Index or going to the criminal index from our home page .  .  .  .  and the whole Website,  with well over 400 topics,  is open to you for 90 days  -  anytime,  as often as you like! 

But the page you are on now is designed to give you quick and easy access to areas of law that may be necessary for you NOW.

You are entitled to a lawyer paid by the State regardless of your financial circumstances at this point.  This is called the Police Detention Legal Assistance scheme.  We provide you with a direct link to that Website.  The lawyer of your choice, provided he or she is registered on the list held at the Police Station,  is paid to come to the Police Station or advise you on the phone.   Just click on below for more information.




Most lawyers are charging $220 per hour plus GST so sort out the work you can do yourself even if it is basic preparation.

Bail  and Suppression of name and Police interviews will probably be your biggest concerns right at this time so we give instant access to those sites :


Suppression of Name.

Police Interviews


You should then NOT hurry things because you will need some time to consider your position,  perhaps consult the right lawyer or consider saving money and handling some cases yourself.  So we suggest the following sites :

Adjournments   -   This is the same as a remand.  It means postponing the case.

Defending a Charge Yourself  -  There are many cases you can handle yourself.

We next give you direct access to Acts of Parliament and Regulations because if you have been charged with an offence then that offence will be in an Act or a Regulation. 

We provide you with a direct link below to all the updated Acts of Parliament and Regulations. When you click on to this link you should firstly press the button for Statutes and you we will be presented with an alphabetical list. If you are looking for the Crimes Act 1961 push the plus (+) sign beside the letter C and then scroll down to the Crimes Act 1961 . . . and bingo,   there it is.  It’s easy.

The same process is used if you are looking for a Regulation, although you obviously push the ‘Regulation’ button first.

Statutory Regulations
Local & Private Acts

We now set out the direct blue links which will lead you immediately  ( as fast as your computer works ) to topics which will give you plenty of information about your particular circumstances.  JUST CLICK ON TO ANY OF THEM :

Accessory After The Fact
Aiding and Abetting - Parties to Offences
Arms Act 1983
Community Law Centres
Criminal Legal Aid
Dangerous Driving - speed and manner
Discharge Without Conviction
Disorderly behaviour
Drink Driving
Drug Offences
Fraud and Dishonesty
Limited Licences                                                                                                                Police Diversion
Proceeds Of Crime Act 1991
Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992
Plea In Mitigation
Reckless driving
Refusing To Give Blood - Drink Driving
Roadside Confiscation
Roadside Disqualification
Self defence
Sexual Violation
Summary Offences Act 1981

Pick and read the topics above which apply directly to your case.  Print the pages out if you wish. 

Don't forget that now that you have entered our Website,  you have full access to ALL TOPICS for a full period of 90 days,  and even then you have two rights of re-entry at anytime in the future as well as a full money back guarantee.   You can't lose.

Bring yourself up to speed on all of the information we provide you.  Save yourself money.

We provide you with a direct link to the Crimes Act 1961 . . . .

GOOD LUCK .  .  .  .  .  . 


Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"Can a woman aged 54 with a 16 year old child who is neither attending school or any other form of education/training continue to claim the DPB and child support indefinitely or should the child be on a separate independant benefit? and what if the child does not claim a benefit, does this justify the mothers ongoing DPB claim? - Jenny

Netlaw replies - Yes . . . . You go on to what is called a "Woman Alone" Benefit designed to allow the single parent to continue to be supported when the kids become independent. You need to discuss your circumstances with WINZ. The child may be entitled to an Independent Youth benefit, but they are not automatic. Special circumstances need to apply. Play around on the WINZ Website. Just type winz website into Google or your internet explorer.

Here is a quote from the WINZ Website. -

"To get a Domestic Purposes Benefit you'll need to be a sole parent, or a caregiver of someone sick or infirm, or a woman alone of 50 years of age or older. You must:

be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
have lived in New Zealand continuously for two years or more at any one time since becoming a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident (except refugees with permanent residence)
normally live in New Zealand".

Cheers . . . Netlaw


Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"Easy to follow. I suggest to other cliemts of Netlaw that they read your topics SPEEDING as well as DEFENDING YOURSELF IN COURT. Nic - Auckland"
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"I did my own documents and got before a Judge and got my own order for protection. I reckon I did it faster then my lawyer last time I need such an order two years ago.
Thank you . . . . Sandie (not my real name)"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"The best topic I have seen so far. Everything I needed. My lawyer said I needed to pay in $2000 to get the thing started. I did it myself. It took some effort but I got there. He did not defend it and now, thanks to Netlaw and the Court staff, I have my Order from the Court in my hand. Money well spent (Identity withheld) Auckland - June 2007"
"Excellent documents and access to the precise law.The Court staff were helpful. Gayle. Coromandel."
"Really useful. One letter (and some draft documents) from me did the trick. I did not need to go near a lawyer. The "other" person was my partner's "ex" and she followed me to work almost every day threatening me but not in a criminal way The Police said she had not committed a crime. My letter worked. She has not done it since but my response looked really professional. Thanks - Barbara - Tauranga "
Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"Great to find all this information at my fingertips.
I think that Home Detention is a bit of a sop. Either you go to prison or you do not! I think it is almost like getting off! Mike H - Wellington"

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"WOW . . . a great site. This topic alone is worth the entry fee. I also did my own will and had it checked by a lawyer neighbour and he said it was perfectly OK. Matt G."
"I agree heaps. I actually followed this topic to the letter and got my limited licencemyself. It took a couple of weeks but reckon it could be done in a week. Everything you said happened. The cops were good and the judge was very nice. I only had to mumble "thank you". Noel G.

"Received phone call from the police today, they have told me they will NOT oppose anything set out in my limited licence application. They were very impressed that I had done all the work myself. Thanks NETLaw - Jake, Christchurch.

Netlaw replies: Thank you for teling us. We have had a similar letter from Auckland Central."

Feedback/Blogs/Reviews from related topic: Accessory After The Fact
"Helped us greatly. We also looked through all your other criminal sites and have printed some off. Thanks Netlaw. Ali"
"Do we have to use the State paid "Youth Advocates"? Mrs H. (name withheld)

Netlaw replies - No, but you do have to pay for a lawyer of your choice UNLESS the case is so serious that it goes to the District Court or the High Court. Then, normal legal aid takes over where you can choose your own lawyer."

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