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We provide you with a full range topics on Family Law and procedure.    Whenever a document is required like a Pre-nuptial Agreement, Dissolution Documents, Custody applications and a whole host of other matters we provide those documents for you. 

Just scroll through the topics below and pick as many as you want.   The first page of every topic is available free of any charge.  If you join up you have a full 90 days unlimited use of all topics and even then you have two further visits back at anytime in the future.

Abortion, Sterilisation and Contraception
Access - All About Supervised Access
Acts Of Parliament
Adoption Act 1955
Adult Adoption Information Act 1985
Age and the Law - Aged 1 - 25
Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966
Benefit - Applying for a Benefit.
Benefit Fraud
Bigamy - Feigned Marriage
Bill Of Rights
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Bond to Keep the Peace
Breaches of Parenting Orders - Punishment
Brief of Evidence - A Case in Court
Care and Protection
Care of Children Act 2004
Censorship / Pornography
Changing Your Name
Child Support
Children Young Persons And Their Families Act 1989
Childrens Wishes - A Custody Case
Citizenship - How to Apply
Civil Unions
Community Law Centres
Consumer Law
Contraception (Abortion and Sterilisation)
Contracts - Minors Contracts Act 1969
Coroners Court and Procedure
Costs Awards in the Family Court
Counsel For The Child - Family Court
Court Documents - Some Tips
Court Filing Fees
Court Locations and Addresses
Courts - Structure And Set Up
De Facto Relationships
Death - Civil Procedures
Disciplining Your Children
Dissolution of Marriage
District Courts
Doctors - Complaints against the Medical Profession
Domestic Violence
Economic Disparity - Section 15 - Relationship Property Arguments
Education Law and Practices
Emergency Medical Treatment - When Parents Will Not Consent
Enduring Power of Attorney
Euthanasia - Mercy Killing?
Exhibit Notes - Letters attached to Affidavits
Exhumation - Disinterment
False Imprisonment
Family Court Decisions
Family Court Forms
Family Court Practice and Procedure Notes Issued By the Principal Family Court Judge
Family Court Rules 2002
Family Courts
Family Group Conference
Family Law - Related Acts of Parliament
Family Protection Act 1955 - Will Disputes
Filing Fees in Court
Flatting - Your Rights and Responsibilities
Grandparents - Access to Grandchildren
Guardianship - A Separate Topic
Hague Convention
Harassment Act 1997
High Court
Information Sheet
Inheritance Trusts
Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003
Intestacy - No Will
Joint Family Homes
Judges - Complaints about Judges
Kidnapping and Abduction - Including your own kids!
Lawyers – Complaints Against
Leases - Residential
Leaving New Zealand With A Child
Legal Aid
Liable Parents Contribution
Living Will
Lump Sums - ACC
Maintenance - Applying for a Benefit
Maintenance - Children
Maintenance of Partner
Matrimonial Property
Mediation - Family Court
Medical Law - Your Rights
Mental Health
Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992
Minors Contracts Act 1969
Natural Justice
Neighbours - All sorts of problems?
New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
News Media in Family Court
Next of Kin
Occupation & Furniture Orders
Official Information Act 1982
Parental Leave
Practice Notes - Court Procedure
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Privacy Act 1993
Proof - Standard And Burden
Property ( Relationships ) Act 1976
Prostitution - Know the Law
Protecting the Assets - Restraining Orders - Relationship Property
Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988
Protection Orders
Relationship Property
Relationship Property Agreements - Must Lawyers Be Involved?
Re-location Cases - Custody Disputes
Representing Yourself In The Family Court
Residential Care Subsidies
Seatbelts & Child Restraints - Know the Law
Service of Documents
Settlement Conferences - Civil & Family Courts
Sexual Harassment
Skateboards, Scooters, In-line Skates etc and the Law
Smacking Children - The Law
Someone hassling you? What can you do?
Spousal Maintenance
Sterilisation (Abortion and Contraception)
Suicide - A Crime? Or Mercy Killing?
Supervised access
Supreme Court of New Zealand
Testamentary Guardianship Clause in a Will
Trespass Act 1980 and Trespass Notices
Tribunals ( Judicial ) of New Zealand
Trusts - A Charitable Trust
Trusts - Inheritance Trusts
Violence in the Home
Weekend Separation? Bust-up?
Wills - What is a Living Will?
Wills - applying for permission to administer estate - obtaining probate
Wills - Challenging a Will
Wills - Dying without a Will
Wills - Make One Yourself
Wills - Testamentary Guardianship Clause
Wills Act 2007
Without Prejudice
Women and the Law
Youth Court